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Recruitment: Service & Support Manager - This ad is closed

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

A service sector organisation is seeking suitable candidate(s) for the following opportunity.

Service & Support Manager

Function Summary:

This position assists in overseeing and plays a leadership role in creating, implementing, executing and maintaining customer sales of products and services and service for business/customers and handles queries at escalated levels and prolonged issues. This position is also responsible for assisting with the design, maintenance and implementation of the organisation’s customer service and quality management systems, processes and procedures.

Some Core Key Functions

Leads and partners on marketing initiatives in demonstrating customer appreciation tactics Ensures sale of products and services and customer sign ups for promotions and competitions Coordinates customer sales and service tactical operations for internal and external business inclusive of providing up to date information on the organisation’s goods and services whilst managing the taking of orders for sales Oversees the acquisition of statistics on customers and keeps records such as birthdays, special and personal information where applicable Manages and monitors service and product delivery and support, membership programme and renewal of such where applicable Manages, leads & provides guidance to subordinate team in the conduct of the organization & divisions mandate where applicable Achieves assigned goals and motivates team to accomplish same


Associate Degree to a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Management or other Social Sciences area.

3 months to 2 years work experience

Unsuitable applicants will not be acknowledged.

Application through for applicant forwarding is optional or apply directly on E-Jobs Facebook page

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