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A transportation service is seeking drivers in the following areas:

· Light class (regular) vehicle driver

· Courier service driver

· Tow/Wrecker driver

· Moving van driver

· Freight Truck driver

· Refrigerated goods transport truck driver

· Flatbed truck driver

· Cement truck/ Concrete mixer -driver

· Heavy Truck Driver

· Crane Truck/Mobile Crane Driver

· Garbage Truck Driver

· 18-wheeler truck/trailer driver

· Livestock truck driver

· Panel Van driver


● Certificate of Good Character/Record or receipt (no older than 6 months)

● Valid Driver’s permit

● Must own vehicle or have authorization from assigned owner to use assigned vehicle

● Driver experience of 2 years or more or whatever is required by law that is greater in

driver’s country of residence and good driving record. For trucks 5 years of more driver experience with good track record.

● Certificate of insurance (valid)

● Proper literacy and numeracy skills

● CPR and First Aid Certificate via training an asset

● Knowledge of internet and phone applications, use of email

● Customer Service Skills training an asset

● 2 names of references and contact numbers- 1 character reference and 1 professional, /business reference (no older than 1 year). Written references for same will be accepted and preferred

● Registered and insured vehicle in good working condition and sanitation maintained

● Knowledge of basic car maintenance including oil and water checks, changing tyres, putting in air pressure, changing batteries

● Proper licensing and permits for trucks or vans

● Must be able to assists with loading and unloading vehicle up to appropriate/standard weight for lifting and carrying.

● Must be able to read maps, follow directions, have a good sense of direction

Wrecker and Road Support Drivers:

All of the above requirements where applicable plus own one or more wreckers vehicles in possession, must have in possession between 1-3 standard batteries at all times (new), knowledge of basic car maintenance including oil and water checks, changing tyres, putting in air pressure, changing batteries, must have a jumper cable for battery in his/her possession and know how to use it well. Must be able to work quickly and effectively and remain calm at all times.


Honesty, courteous, professional, patient, kind, understanding, knowledgeable of routs, punctual, good time manager, sensible.

Apply on Facebook on our page or send applications to for applicant forwarding.

*Unsuitable applicants will not be contacted.

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