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13 Things to Leave Off Your Resume

13 Things to Leave Off Your Resume

Welcome to our guide on crafting a stellar resume! While it's essential to highlight your skills and experiences, sometimes less is more when it comes to resume content. In this article, we'll explore 13 things you should leave off your resume to ensure it stands out for all the right reasons.

1. Generic Phrases and Clichés

Steer clear of overused buzzwords and clichés. Instead, focus on using specific, impactful language that truly highlights your unique strengths and experiences.

2. Irrelevant Work Experience

Focus on relevant experience that aligns with the job you're applying for. Leave out jobs from decades ago or those unrelated to your current career goals.

3. Hobbies and Interests

While it's great to have hobbies, unless they directly relate to the job or demonstrate valuable skills, leave them off your resume.

4. Objective Statements

Instead of stating what you want, focus on what you can offer. Use a professional summary or career highlights section to grab attention.

5. References

There's no need to include references on your resume. Save this valuable space for showcasing your accomplishments.

6. Unprofessional Email Addresses

Ensure your email address is appropriate and reflects a professional image. Leave out any quirky or outdated addresses.

7. Salary Expectations

Avoid discussing salary on your resume. Save this for later stages of the hiring process.

8. Long Blocks of Text

Keep your resume easy to read with bullet points and concise sentences. Avoid overwhelming recruiters with dense paragraphs.

9. Outdated Skills

Update your skills section regularly and leave out outdated technologies or software unless they are still relevant.

10. Lies or Exaggerations

Honesty is key. Avoid embellishing your achievements or qualifications as it can backfire during the hiring process.

11. Elementary/High School Achievements

Unless you are a recent graduate or these achievements are exceptionally relevant, it's best to focus on more recent and higher-level academic accomplishments.

12. Reason for Leaving Your Last Job

Avoid mentioning negative reasons for leaving previous positions on your resume. Save explanations for interviews and focus on positive aspects of your career transitions.

13. Social Media Profiles

While including a professional LinkedIn profile can be beneficial, avoid listing irrelevant social media accounts like Twitter or Instagram on your resume. Keep it focused on professional platforms.

By leaving these 13 things off your resume, you can create a polished and professional document that effectively showcases your qualifications and experiences. Remember, a well-crafted resume is your ticket to landing that dream job!


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