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Job Type

Part Time



About the Role

Go Transcript is always seeking suitably qualified candidates to work remotely as transcriptionists.

Duties and Responsibilities-

Duties may include but not be limited to: Listening to audio recordings and converting them into text for use in documents. Transcribers require a good laptop or computer and a reliable internet connection so they can work fast and efficiently. Many transcriptionists use a foot pedal to pause the audio instead of using the mouse or touchpad of the laptop.


  • Completing a test after reviewing the transcriptionist guidelines for Go Transcript.

    Only suitable and selected candidates are contacted. 

    NB Should you have any questions regarding this opportunity , please contact Go Transcript and not E-Job Services.

    This jobs in E-Job Services evaluation may be used for supplemental earnings/part time until you increase in the skill/profession.

About the Company

Go Transcript

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