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Job Type

Part Time



About the Role

UHRS is a crowdsourcing platform that supports data labeling for various AI application scenarios. Judges provide data labeling. UHRS through their vendors seek suitable candidates to operate as judges for various micro tasks.

We advise that you exercise sound judgement and choose micro-jobs/tasks that are appropriate for you/ that you are comfortable with.


This jobs in E-Job Services evaluation may only be used for supplemental earnings/part time unless quite adept.

Should you have any questions regarding this opportunity , please contact UHRS and not E-Job Services.

We recommend applying for UHRS through Click Worker. You can click the link below to apply and as always only selected and/or successful applicants are contacted:


  • Requirements

    You must have a reliable source of internet access, a computer or laptop is recommended and you should be computer literate. 

    Speed, attentiveness and accuracy is required

    You may be required to complete an assessment in order to qualify for the micro jobs/tasks. Some you can also start almost right away, some activities you are required to do a mini-training before commencing.

    One of their main ways of selecting suitable/available candidates is through Click Worker so you may need to create a Click Worker account/profile and this vendor/company will provide access to UHRS platform. 

    Reading and Following instructions carefully, as security violations for example can bar access or cause disqualification.

About the Company


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