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Click Worker

Job Type

Part Time



About the Role

ClickWorker is hiring workers to work remotely (online) to perform what is known as microtasks. The more tasks completed, the greater the earnings. You may be required to perform tasks such as completing surveys, data review, editing and proofing etc.

We advise that you exercise sound judgement and choose micro-jobs/tasks that are appropriate for you.


This jobs in E-Job Services evaluation can only be used for supplemental earnings/part time.

Should you have any questions regarding this opportunity , please contact Click Worker and not E-Job.

You can click the link below to apply and as always only selected and/or successful applicants are contacted:


  • You must have a reliable source of internet access, a computer or laptop is recommended and you should be computer literate.

    Speed, attentiveness and accuracy is a valuable asset

    You may be required to complete an assessment in order to qualify for the micro jobs. Some you can also start almost right away.

    Download of the Click Worker app.

About the Company

Click Worker

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