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Attention: Employers and Bonified Individuals

Task Kingdom by E-Job Services is a hyper-market platform for task based work. If you need someone who can paint your house, tutor you in a lesson or subject area, baby-sit, write letters, do some research, write a paper, do inventory/stock taking, decorate a venue, replace your cleaner for a day, do plumbing repairs, holiday cleaning, help complete a project, data entry, social media marketing, yard cleaning, power washing, make up, hair styling, shopping etc., you name it, we can help! 

Whatever your task request, set your task completion payment price and you can post and receive pitches and proposals from taskers. Whether it be on short notice, next day, next week or the next month, find a skilled tasker who can do the task!

  • Special for Task Requesters/Employers - Post 2 Task Requests/Work Orders for Free monthly

Attention: Job Seekers

  • Taskers (Task completers/candidates) - Send your pitch and/or proposals to Task Requesters/Employers in no time with Tasks Kingdom by E-Job Services once job or task requests ads are posted or available or subscribe or sign up to our site to be notified first when new jobs or tasks requests from employers/companies/bonified individuals are posted.

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